Pet Collar For Repel Mosquito And Tick

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26 Apr 2020 12:59:44

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Deskripsi Pet Collar For Repel Mosquito And Tick

Material:Polyester Color:Multicolored Size:S/M Size of S(width,neck):1 cm/0.39",19.2 cm/7.56"-33 cm/12.99" Size of M(width,neck):1.5 cm/0.59",24 cm/9.45"-41 cm/16.14" Target Audience:Dogs Dog Size:Universal Gender:Unisex Note:color by random Feature: 1.Product color pattern is random.The using time of the product is guaranteed for 60 days 2.The product is rubber except flea ring with good air permeability,so the dogs are willing to wear it.Rubber material is safe and non-toxic material,so the item will never be harmful to your dogs. 3.Products can be used for size dogs

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