12pcs / Set Sepatu Bahan Kulit Untuk Travel

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Deskripsi 12pcs / Set Sepatu Bahan Kulit Untuk Travel

Product color: white Shining your shoes only takes a minute, requires no buffing and leaves no mess. Once youre done just throw the wipes away - its that simple The convenient wipes help keep your shoes clean without darkening, or drying out the leather. No streaking either. You can use them on different leather colors, and they help clean the sides of the soles as well An easy way to get an instant shine and remove dust and dirt. No polish, brushes or cloths needed! Product Quantity: 12 pcs/bag Product efficacy: decontamination, maintenance, deep cleaning Helps clean leather handbags, purses and briefcases as well While other wipes dry out quickly, and leave your shoes looking drab and dull - Fresh wipes are individually packaged to maintain their moisture levels. Great for traveling! PRODUT INCLUDE:12pcs/bag Quick Wipes NOTES: Please keep out of reach of children Do not use to wipe the skin to avoid allergies

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