Nama Studios Lite 150 Hip Pack Black

Nama Studios Lite 150 Hip Pack Black

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Deskripsi Nama Studios Lite 150 Hip Pack Black

Description Features About The Brand Lite Model No. 150 offers practicality without being short in style, function and aesthetic. It's made from 600 D PU Coated Nylon fabric to prevent water from slipping in. Stripped down to the most essential features with main compartment and gadget sleeve and to add, a straight pocket at the front. Flat top closure for maximum access and visibility. Not to mention, a hidden stabilizer strap to prevent the pack slips when you running or riding. Nylon 600 Denier PU Coated Water Repellent Fabric Water resistant full lining YKK® Racquet Coil Zipper YKK® Heavy Duty Side Release Buckle Continuous Filament Thread in millimetres 200 x 260 x 100 in inches 8" x 10.2" x 4" NAMA in short of Neutral Alliances Molded Altogether is an exploration of craftsmanship in finding the right mixture of design with functionality. All of our products made in-house in our own workshop. We design, produce and distribute our product in our best know-how methods. To sum up, we like doing things our way. Hopefully, we got the same vision and grow as a family. Indonesia
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