Wardah Instaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint

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16 Feb 2020 18:36:18

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17 Feb 2020 Rp 90.300 -

Deskripsi Wardah Instaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint

One swipe perfection all day long!

Lips are always the centre of attention of your face. Enriched with avocado oil, jojoba oil and antioxidant, MATTESETTER LIP MATTE PAINT provides lavish matte finished, yet moist lips that lasts all day. Consists of several beautiful intense color choices: warmth pink, earthy tone, intense red and velvety violet.

Hanya satu kali ulasan tanpa perlu effort berlebih untuk touch up. Jadikan bibirmu menawan sempurna dengan MATTESETTER Lip matte Paint Tampilan Intense Colors dan Lavish Matte karena mengandung mattifying agent yang nyaman digunakan dan tahan lama 12 jam sepanjang hari.

Tersedia 5 colors Trendsetter dari warna nude hingga bold yang membuat dirimu semakin tampil berbeda.

01 GLEEShe is such a happy melody in rapid beats. A bubbly heart is her power and when she laughs, the world blushes. Anywhere, anytime, she cheers joyfully.

02 DEARShe is a dearie who emits warmth and elegance. She may look calm from the outside, but her fiery charm attracts the attention effortlessly and elegantly.

03 CHICShe is confident young woman who knows how to bring herself in the crowd. Her energy lights up when she moves. Everybody loves her and she knows it very well!

04 VIBEShe is a star that delightfully petrifies the sky. Such an independent woman who won’t take no for an answer. With her bursting spark, the world is in her hands.

05 HYPEShe is not a follower; She is an icon. She lives in a world without border and does what she believes is right. Bold personality, creative mind, unstoppable!

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