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5 Fitur Keren di Google Pixel dan Pixel XL

Hai Sahabat Telunjuk! Balik lagi sama gue Adri dan kali ini gue mau ngasih tau 5 killer features yang ada di Pixel, Phone by Google. 5 killer features ini konon ...

43.851 ditonton • 434 likes •

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Goes Skydiving

Kalen reaches new heights in 2020 by going skydiving... for the first time! Tune in to see Kalen's journey as he takes a leap of faith for an experience he will ...

147.853 ditonton • 5.876 likes •

What I Did in 2019!

Wanted to look back and remember some of the best memories of 2019. MERCH: https://rosannapansino.com *Buy Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: ...

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My Sister Caught Her Boyfriend Doing This! (*CRAZY DARES)

YOU WONT like this video! can we get this video to 200k likes!? :) wanna be next weeks shoutout!? like this video and comment ! PEOPLE IN THIS VIDEO: ...

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FAT DUDES & TATTOOS!! I LOST 350lbs in under 20 Minutes (FGTeeV INK INC. + Fit the Fat)

We play Fit the Fat and INK INC. It gets crazy tatted up and fatted down. Thumbs up for Tattoo Drawing. Grab our new Book FGTEEV Presents INTO THE ...

5.726.734 ditonton • 41.423 likes •

30 Year Old Woman Will Soon Be Bedridden If She Can't Lose Weight | My 600lb Life

Brianne last weighed herself when she was less than 700lb, so is shocked to see how much weight she has gained since then. Dr Now gives her some harsh ...

278.739 ditonton • 3.433 likes •

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