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5 Fitur Keren di Google Pixel dan Pixel XL

Hai Sahabat Telunjuk! Balik lagi sama gue Adri dan kali ini gue mau ngasih tau 5 killer features yang ada di Pixel, Phone by Google. 5 killer features ini konon ...

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Jannik Sinner defeats Alex de Minaur for Milan Title | Next Gen ATP Finals Final Highlights

Jannik Sinner defeats Alex de Minaur to win the title in Milan... Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: http://tnn.is/YouTube Subscribe to our ...

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Other NBA executives were stunned by the Knicks' actions after Cavs loss - Woj | The Jump

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Rachel Nichols to discuss the latest news with the New York Knicks. According to a report from Woj and Malika Andrews, the Knicks ...

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Russell Brand & Neil deGrasse Tyson Breakdown The Physical Realm VS The Spiritual Realm

Very excited to have Neil deGrasse Typson on Under The Skin talking about God, the cosmos and science's role in religion in politics. You can listen to this ...

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European Tour Recap

One of the last stops on my European tour was in Manchester, England. I told them a little about the cities I stopped in before them. The whole trip was amazing.

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The Higgs for me

"They got sentimental when thinking of Higgs" - Physicists give their thoughts on the Higgs Boson: including Nobel Prize winners Gerhard 't Hooft, David Gross, ...

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