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    'Pengiriman dari Luar Negeri'
    Buku ini akan sampai di tangan Anda 21-30 hari kerja setelah pembeli melakukan pembayaran

    ***Hanya berlaku untuk buku in-stock and low-stock dan Kebijakan dapat berubah seaktu-waktu disesuaikan dengan kondisi dan situasi yang ada***

    Designers are presented with a myriad of choices when preparing work for manufacture. Whether professionals or students, they must be thoroughly knowledgeable about how their designs can be produced efficiently and effectively. Here is one the first books in a new series built on the authority of Rob Thompson s highly acclaimed Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals. Clearly presented and highly detailed, each book is organized into three easily referenced parts forming, joining, and finishing. An explanation of each manufacturing process provides a full technical description analysis of typical applications and information on cost, speed, and environmental impact. Step-by-step case studies show a product or component being manufactured by a leading international supplier. Photographs of geometry, detail, color, and surface finish complete the practical information."/>

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