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Product and Market Development For Subsistence Marketplaces

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    Info Product and Process Modelling

    This volume provides a more detailed and profound understanding of an important and, until recently ignored, global phenomenon – marketplaces where individuals living in poverty buy/sell products and services. It is estimated that as many as 4 billion people with buying power exceeding $14 trillion fall into this market segment. Historically, the research in this area was conducted among consumers from industrialized economies. This research is rooted in fundamental assumptions about literacy and numeracy skills, life stability, cognitive predilections, and consumer access to basic resources such as education, water, and sanitation that often do not hold for poverty-stricken marketplaces. This volume presents a collection of articles that describe this particular group of consumers and entrepreneurs, and inform us on better ways to understand, reach, and empower them. The potential to do well by “doing good” in these impoverished marketplaces is very high, it is the hope of the editors that this reference will jumpstart the development of new theories, frameworks, and models that address both consumption and entrepreneurship in this particular market. Business Business Viswanathan, Madhubalan; Rosa, Jos Antonio Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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