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Fujifilm Finepix Sl300

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    Info Fuji film Finepix Sl300

    Fujifilm Finepix SL300 (FREE MEMORY 8GB) Lens x Finder - Experience the Extreme Shooting Sensation The combination of versatile & functional Fujinon lens and a Electronic viewfinder give a sensational shooting experience. Fujinon 30x Optical Zoom*1 & Wide 24mm Zoom Lens Highly Regarded by Professionals World-wide The widely renown Fujinon Lenses are used popularly in numerous situations including satellites in outer space, TV/film, surveillance, and compact cameras. With the highly adept manufacture of Fujifilm, high precision optic and technology are provided for the best 24mm wide angle and 30x optical zoom.*1 Wide Angle (24mm) 15x Optical Zoom (360mm*) 30x Optical Zoom (720mm*) * Equivalent on 35mm camera Super EBC - Aiming for High Quality Images - The lens elements used in the FinePix SL300 have been treated with multilayer Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating), the same process used for Fujinon broadcasting video lenses and large-format camera lenses acclaimed by professionals. Reducing ghosting and lens flare, the treatment promises clear image quality. 45-step*1 Electronic Powered Zoom The powered 30x zoom*1 features smooth 45-step*1 zoom control, giving you the ability to frame every shot with precision accuracy. 2cm Super Macro At a distance of just 2cm, macro photography using the FinePix SL300 allows you to capture all the exquisite detail of your subject from really close up. *1: FinePix SL300 High Sensitivity + CCD Shift Image Stabilization Dual Image Stabilization is the combination of high sensitivity and CCD shift image stabilization that works to eliminate blurred photos by freezing action and minimizing blurs at maximum zoom range. Conventional Digital Camera FinePix SL300 Electronic Viewfinder The FinePix SL300 offers the flexibility of framing your shots through the crisp, clear electronic viewfinder. In addition to enhanced visibility in bright daylight, the bright EVF accommodates a traditional shooting style, making it easy to steady the camera, even when shooting with the 30x zoom fully extended. A diopter adjustment permits fine-tuning of the magnification power. Clear and Wide 3.0-inch LCD With its ultra-wide view angle of 160 degrees, the bright, high-contrast (1:1100), 3.0-inch, 460,000-dot LCD screen makes composing, viewing, and sharing images a pleasure. Li-ion battery The hard-working Li-ion battery is capable of capturing up to 300 frames on a single charge. TTL Hot - Shoe A hot-shoe accommodates an auxiliary TTL flash, for shooting scenes beyond the capability of the built-in flash. A selection of versatile compatible flash units is available from your FinePix dealer. Shoe Mount Flash EF-20 Fast Startup Turn the power ON from a cold start and FinePix SL300 is ready to shoot in only 1.8 sec. Notes * Sample photos are simulated images. Specification Model name FinePix SL300 / SL305, SL280, SL260, SL240 Number of effective pixels *1 : 14.0 million pixels Image sensor : 1/2.3-inch CCD with primary color filter Storage media Internal memory (none) SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card *2 File format still image JPEG (Exif Ver 2.3)*3 (Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible) movie AVI (Motion JPEG) Number of recorded pixels still image L : (4:x 3216 / (3:x 2864 / (16:x 2416 M : (4:x 2304 / (3:x 2048 / (16:x 1728 S : (4:x 1536 / (3:x 1360 / (16:x 1080 Lens name SL240 : Fujinon 24 x optical zoom lens SL260 : Fujinon 26 x optical zoom lens SL280 : Fujinon 28 x optical zoom lens SL300 : Fujinon 30 x optical zoom lens focal length SL240 : f=4.3mm - 103.2mm, equivalent to 24 - 576mm on a 35 mm camera SL260 : f=4.3mm - 111.8mm, equivalent to 24 - 624mm on a 35 mm camera SL280 : f=4.3mm - 120.4mm, equivalent to 24 - 672mm on a 35 mm camera SL300 : f=4.3mm - 129.0mm, equivalent to 24 - 720mm on a 35 mm camera full-aperture F3.1 (Wide) - F5.9 (Telephoto) constitution 11 groups 15 lenses Digital zoom SL240 : approx. 6.7 x (up to approxx, with 24x optical zoom) SL260 : approx. 6.7 x (up to approxx, with 26x optical zoom) SL280 : approx. 6.7 x (up to approxx, with 28x optical zoom) SL300 : approx. 6.7 x (up to approxx, with 30x optical zoom) Aperture : F3.1 / F8 (Wide) F5.9 / F8 / F20 (Telephoto) with ND filter Focus distance (from lens surface) Normal Wide : Approx. 40 cm to infinity / 1.3 ft. to infinity Telephoto : Approx. 2.8 m to infinity / 9.1 ft. to infinity Macro Wide : Approx. 7 cm - 3.0 m / 2.7 inft. Telephoto : Approx. 2.0 m - 3.0 m / 6.5 ftft. Super Macro Wide : Approx. 2 cm - 1.0 m / 0.8 inft. Sensitivity : Auto,Equivalent to ISO 64 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200* / 6400* (Standard Output Sensitivity) * ISO3200 / 6400 is effective in image size S. Exposure control TTL 256-zones metering, Multi / Spot / Average Exposure mode Programmed AE, Shutter Priority AE, Aperture Priority AE, Manual exposure Shooting modes SP Zoom Bracketing, Natural Light & with Flash, Natural Light, Portrait, Baby, Smile, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text MODE DIAL SR AUTO, AUTO, P, S, A, M, Custom, Movie, Panorama, SP Image stabilizer CCD shift type Face detection : Yes Exposure compensation : -2.0EV - +2.0EV 1/3EV step Shutter speed : (Auto mode) 1/4sec. to 1/2000sec., (All other modes) 8sec. to 1/2000sec. (with mechanical shutter) Continuous shooting TOP TOP-6 max. 1.2 fps; TOP-20 max. 3.3fps; size (M,S) TOP-40 max. 8fps; size (S) LAST LAST6 max. 1.2 fps; last 6 frames recorded LONG PERIOD max. 1.2 fps; maximum number of frames varies with image size and available memory Auto bracketing AE Bracketing : ±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV Focus mode Single AF / Continuous AF (SR AUTO, Movie) type TTL contrast AF, AF assist illuminator available AF frame selection Center, Multi, Area, Tracking White balance : Automatic scene recognition Preset Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Custom Self-timer : Approx. 10 sec. / 2 sec. delay Flash : Auto flash (i-flash) Effective range : (ISO AUTO) Normal Wide : Approx. 40cm - 8.0m / 1.3ft. - 26.2ft. Telephoto : Approx. 2.5m - 4.1m / 8.2ft. - 13.4ft. Macro Wide : Approx. 30cm - 3.0m / 1.0ft. - 9.8ft. Telephoto : Approx. 2.0m - 3.0m / 6.5ft. - 9.8ft. Flash modes Red-eye removal OFF Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro. Red-eye removal ON Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro. Hot shoe : YES Electronic Viewfinder 0.2-inch, approx. 200,000 dots, color LCD viewfinder, approx. 97% coverage LCD monitor : 3.0-inch, approx. 460,000 dots, TFT color LCD monitor, approx. 97% coverage Movie recording 1280 x 720 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels / 320 x 240 pixels (30 frames/sec.) with monaural sound. * Optical zoom function can be used. Photography functions : SR AUTO, Instant zoom, Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Framing guideline, blink detection, Frame No. memory, Histogram display, motion panorama, Face recognition, Date stamp Playback functions : Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail), Protect, Crop, Resize, Slide show, Image rotate, voice memo, histogram display, exposure warning, Photobook assist, image search, Favorites, Mark for upload, Panorama, Erase selected frames Other functions : PictBridge, Exif Print, 35 Languages, Time difference, Silent mode Terminal Video output NTSC / PAL selectable with monaural sound Digital interface USB 2.0 High-Speed HDMI output HDMI Mini connector Power supply : Li-ion battery NP-85 (included) DimensionsW) x 93.0 (H) xD) mm / 4.8 (W) x 3.6 (H) x 3.9 (D) in. Weight Approx. 510 g / 17.9 oz. (including batteries and memory card) Approx. 470 g / 16.5 oz. (excluding batteries and memory card) Operating Temperature : 0°C - 40°C Operating Humidity : 10% - 80% (no condensation) Guide to the number of available frames for battery operation Approx. 300 frames (AUTO mode) Accessories included : Li-ion battery NP-85 Battery charger BC-85 Plug adapter Shoulder strap USB-A/V cable Lens cap and Lens cap cord CD-ROM Owner's manual Optional accessories : Li-ion battery NP-85 Shoe Mount Fash EF-X20 / EF-20 *1 Number of effective pixels: The number of pixels on the image sensor which receive input light through the optical lens, and which are effectively reflected in the final output data of the still image. *2 Please see the Fujifilm website to check memory card compatibility. *3 Exif 2.3 is a digital camera file format that contains a variety of shooting information for optimal printing. Memory Card Capacity and Image Quality / Size All figures are approximate; file size varies with the scene recorded, producing wide variations in the number of files that can be stored. Additional Information Kode Produk SL300 Berat N/A Harga Rp,00 Atau bisa langsung kunjungi di web kami di Fast Respon im simpati PinBB 2778 C037 Email YM Untuk No Telp, Pin BB, email, dan YM diatas adalah benar dari ferrika dan ferrika tidak pernah mengganti nomor HP atau ym ataupun email. Silahkan hubungi salah satu nomor diatas untuk kejelasan. Mohon untuk menghiraukan / mengabaikan dari pihak manapun yang mengatasnamakan ferrika NB: ferrika tidak bertanggung jawab jika terjadi hal2 yang tidak dinginkan, karena banyak sekali coment2 yang mengaku mengatasnamakan ferrika dan memberikan nomor yang tidak sama dengan nomor diatas. Terima Kasih, Ferrika Online Shop [jempol] [jempol]

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